15/03/2013 Alessandra Novazzi (Gruppo UK)

Articolo realizzato da Alessandra per il giornale locale di Chester


What would you do if you are forced to change your life? Choose Your new shoes and enjoy your best trip!

With over 90 pairs of Italian shoes to wear in the UK, ex professional tennis player Alessandra Novazzi is walking into her new life and career , the first part of which starts here in Chester working at Lumisi ltd.

With a Master’s degree in PR and a valuable experience as a PR Manager of a big Italian company and as a wedding planner , Alessandra is a positive and go-ahead person, strongly motivated to improve her professional career in PR world, while at the same time helping Lumisi develop there International exhibition logistical support business and develop there antique shipping service to Italy.

Alessandra (30yrs) says “it’s a great opportunity to start a new chapter in my life after the disappointments of injury problems forced me to quit tennis and the financial bankrupt of company I worked for in Milan”. So this is a fresh start to her new life: Ale has joined Lumisi ltd on a placement.

She is now in Chester to change, to improve her English and create a new life but retain her traditional Italian habits: she loves having breakfast at Starbucks with “her” espresso coffee and reads “The Daily Post” but she doesn’t forget to have a look at Italian news, because she loves her country.

“From my experience, after lost love and lost work, I would like to pass on, especially to women, that always we have the possibility to change, to improve and create a new life” - Alessandra says – “Working in Lumisi Ltd, with Ray and his great staff, give me a strong desire to believe again and challenge myself in team work. It is possible to re start anywhere, the important thing is don’t forget your family’s root and be yourself and eager”. Probably there is Always a new beautiful way to go and what better way in a new pair of shoes!

They could be simply “running” , “stilettos” or “kitten heels” shoes but is more important to walk tall like a queen (a star) with that you feel more comfortable, to reach your goals and realize your potential in the world!